Our professional grp flat roofing services are ideal if you are looking for fibreglass flat roof in Manchester. Would you like to replace your old flat roof for a long lasting fibreglass solution? Be rest assured by our accredited trustworthy company. Our company will to help you achieve all your grp roofing requirements using our expertise.

The flat roof we provide will be design and quality led. The overall finish will be to seem like the flat roof was built with the original house design and the materials used and the labor used will be of high standard and all employed will be respectful and caring in their work and manner to customers.

Our workmanship and expertise makes us one of the leading flat roofing companies in the area. If you're looking to replace the flat roof on your home, then our GRP fibreglass roofing systems are for you.

Why a GRP flat roof?

Fibreglass has a very wide spectrum of properties which include:

  • High tensile and compressive strength- can be walked on, non slip can be fitted.
  • Hard and smooth surface- hence the 25 year gaurantee
  • Un-reactive to chemicals-
  • Fire resistant-unlike felt
  • Insulator to heat, electricity and sound- improve your carbon footprint
  • Impervious to water- this is a good one
  • Easily moulded and coloured and long lasting, any colour you want.

Fibreglass roofing is completely water-tight and provides a highly effective, hard-wearing or both large commercial premises to smaller domestic homes. Whatever your requirements, our expert team have the skills and experience necessary to guide you on the most appropriate roofing method. As a specialist GRP flat roofing company who can help fix and repair your leaking flat roof or provide you with a competitive quotation.

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